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Working with Apps WINDOWS 8

2015-12-20 00:00:00

Everything today is about apps, computer applications that

Have become very modular and customizable. The Windows 8

Start screen displays several pre-installed apps, such as Calendar,

Music, Weather, Internet Explorer, and Xbox LIVE Games. In addition

To the apps displayed on the Start screen by default, other

Pre-installed apps are available that you might be familiar with

From previous versions of Windows, such as Paint, WordPad, and

Sticky Notes. These were referred to as Windows Accessories in

Previous versions.

You can also install desktop applications such as Microsoft

Excel or Quicken from Intuit. These more robust desktop applications

Have several features in common, which you’ll learn about

In this section.

One application that comes with Windows 8, WordPad, has

Similarities to many desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word

Or Excel. It has a combination of menus and a ribbon toolbar, and

You can enter, format, and edit text and objects. In this section,

You’ll see how to use WordPad and some of the other common

Application features, including how to open apps, format text,

Insert objects, print, save files, close, and uninstall apps.

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