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Creating a PIN WINDOWS 8

2014-09-26 00:00:00

Entering an email address and password might require that

You type 20 or 30 characters, which takes a bit of your precious

Time. What if you could log on to Windows 8 with just

4 characters? That’s what a PIN does for you: it’s a shorthand

Way to log on, and it’s easy to create.

Set Up a PIN

1 Open PC Settings. Press Windows

Logo key+I and click Change PC


creating a pin windows 8

2 Click Users.

3 Click Create A PIN.

4 Enter your password.

5 Click OK.

creating a pin windows 8

6 Enter a PIN and then confirm it.

7 Click Finish.

Just as with a password, make your PIN hard to guess, even though the characters

Are limited in number. For example, don’t use part of your phone number,

Street address, or date of birth, because these pieces of information are often

Publicly available. If you need something that’s not totally random to help

You remember it, use a number that represents a date or year that has special

Meaning known only to you, or part of a phone number from 10 years ago.

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